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Please feel free to educate yourselves.

We've set up this website as we feel that we have not been told the truth about Cannabis and it is about time that the truth was shown for all to see.

Please take the time to read The Report. Cannabis, The Facts, Human Rights and the Law. The whole content is for your benefit. This is a fact finding, educating site. Please educate yourselves. We have added much of the bibliography content so you can double check and realise that State Media and Government have consistently lied for decades about the fabricated effects and dangers of cannabis. In reality the prohibition of cannabis itself that is the progenitor of crime, see chapter 6 of The Report.

 The Report is not just about smoking Cannabis, it covers unprecedented work such as Cannabis as a preventative measure and preventative medicine, the Cannabis biomass Energy Equation and the exposition of fact.

Do you know under the Global Supreme Law the Prohibition of Cannabis is ILLEGAL?


FCDA (now DemocracyDefined.org) Quote: Cannabis, as Preventive Measure and Preventive Medicine could prevent much disease and early death amongst people. The custodian of the illegal malignant prohibition, the prohibitionist, is thus the Cause of the otherwise avoidable but presently pandemic disease and early death”.

The Report. Cannabis: The Facts, Human Rights and the Law is worth a read and is backed up by numerous statements, evidence and exhibits as shown in the bibliography, many of these can be read online. The version on this website is the 1998 version but the latest edition is available from lulu.com.

After acquiring the Home Office guidelines Cannabis: Classification and Public Health from our MP and trawling through it's bibliography, we found most of it was about THC studies (which is not cannabis) and also about Schizophrenia/Psychoses. The Department of Health's Report of Feb 2011 Systematic review of the Incidence and Prevalence of Schizophrenia and Other Psychoses in England is a report stating that over time the incidence and prevalence of Schizophrenia and Other Psychoses has not changed, in fact in some areas it may have even gone down.

Cannabis prohibition is an unjust law. State funded empirical studies have proved time and again that cannabis is harmless and has many medical attributes without causing dependence or mental illness.

The Report. Cannabis: The Facts, Human Rights and the Law, is in-depth and explains its usefulness to the World



The Campaign Flyer is available to print out a give out to all and sundry. The more that know, the louder voice we have.


The Videos are a must, especially if you find the reading a bit hard going. They cover why Cannabis was made illegal in the first place and what the results of prohibition really are.


We hope you find the information on this site interesting, informative and of use.

We are constantly adding to the website, so please come back again soon!